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Graphic Design Services in Bideford

Graphic design and branding is needed everywhere, from websites and social media to printed campaigns and even physical locations meaning being able to tell your story through your branding in this new visual world is more important than ever...

We specialise in crafting meaningful brands and thoughtful web design solutions for businesses in Bideford of all sizes. Whether you're a small, medium, large, start-up, individual or even fellow creative agencies - we have solutions to tell your story through great design.

Meet Tab, one of our co-founders

Not only is she one of our co-founders, but she's one of the best designers we've ever met and finds huge inspiration from living just outside Bideford. Heading up our creative team and some big names like Intel, L’Oreal, BP, British Airways and Castrol under he belt, Tab is fluent in modern design for all types of business.

  I love working alongside clients who really believe in what they do, and who are looking for innovative, creative ways to speak to their audience. For me, great design tells a story – and that’s because every brand has its own story to tell.  


Cohesive design

We want to make sure your brand's voice is heard on every platform you put it out on. We help design brands that sit perfectly everywhere they're shown, from your website and social media to any printed assets and physical locations - your great design will look great everywhere.

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We want to help you achieve your graphic design & branding goals - send us a message now and let's get your ball rolling!

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Give your Bideford business the look it deserves.

We believe in every business having a story to tell. No matter the industry or the size, we want to create tailored branding and graphic design that makes your business stand out as much as it deserves to...

Making you stand out
Every medium

Designing for every medium

No matter where you need a new design, the Barr Media team has you covered! We can help with:

  • Social media content.
  • Website design.
  • Logo design.
  • Print design.
  • Business cards.
  • Signage.

Digital Peace of Mind

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about design issues! We understand our clients want a turnkey solution and peace of mind that their design needs are looked after. At Barr Media, we don't just help you create beautiful, effective design but we can also take the reins and distribute, use and create marketing campaigns with this content. Giving you digital peace of mind!