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By Lottie


September 2023

Floworks’ AI Vision & the Future of Seamless Enterprise Integration


As Floworks' co-founders Sudipta Biswas and Sarthak Shrivastava embarked on their journey with Y Combinator's Winter '23 cohort, a pivotal conversation with seasoned investor Vinod Khosla took place. Khosla's advice to think on a grander scale left a lasting impression on them, shaping the creation of Floworks. Their brainchild, Floworks, is an AI-driven assistant tailored to streamline everyday corporate functions.

The user experience is designed to be intuitive: users begin by logging into the Floworks web application, then connecting to their desired software. They can then interact with the Floworks assistant through Slack, using straightforward language to describe actions. Every directive necessitates approval, and the assistant will seek further details via Slack if needed. An added functionality for Microsoft Teams is also on their roadmap.

Currently in its beta phase, Floworks already boasts of paying clientele, registering an annual recurring revenue nearing $250,000, as revealed by its founders. They aspire to diversify revenue streams by collaborating with strategic partners. They emphasise their unique selling proposition: a tool that promises unparalleled compatibility across numerous applications. "Our strength lies in facilitating cross-application operability,” asserted Biswas, confident that this differentiates them from major players limited to their product ecosystem.

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Operating with a team of 11 spread across San Francisco and Bangalore, India, both founders prioritise diversity in their hiring strategy, seeing it as instrumental in product success.

Emphasising the role of diversity, Shrivastava remarked, “For our product's vision to redefine global software usage, universal participation is crucial. This not only means our team but extends to our partners as well."

Floworks' recent $1.5 million seed funding round drew support from Y Combinator, Sense AI, Gaingels, Entrepreneur First, and ThinKuvate, concluding in May.

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