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How To Make Your Businesses Website Stand Out

Oct 29

As more and more turn to digital marketing to voice their business, competition is constantly growing for users attention.

While strong Search Engine Optimisation helps draw in visitors, if your website isn't engaging then your visitors won't stay for long. Luckily there are ways to nail that first impression and grow your online conversion rate.

Below we've listed ways of helping your website to stand out which will help scale your online business. 

Invest in an Innovative Design Agency:

Having an agency build a bespoke website means that it will be completely tailored with your brand and ideal customers in mind. This will not only set you apart aesthetically but will ensure your website is fully SEO-optimized and user friendly too from your competitors. 

Nowadays businesses publish their sites using popular website builders such as WordPress, which has its place but as an agency, we rarely see a WordPress site that hasn't aged horrendously, which won't show your business at its very best.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we favour Bespoke solutions, although if this option isn't something you are currently looking for then we designed Truffle, specifically with businesses and creatives in mind. Unlike other website builders out there, Truffle was designed for users to create fast websites with great design.

Make the Best Use of Your Websites Hero:

Studies show that 55% of users will leave a website in less than 15 seconds if the homepage is unclear and unengaging. This means it's vital that your websites hero is captivating and sells exactly what your brand does as it is the first thing your users will land on and will be the deciding factor if they visit more of your site. 

By crafting a hero that is visually appealing and relevant you avoid the risk of losing your visitors before arriving at your core content or service offering.

Include Professional Photos of Your Services:

There's no denying that beautiful photography sells, so investing in a professional agency to capture the right content will help take your brand to the next level. 

This means replacing old photos that don't demonstrate the essence of your business and effectively communicate the services you offer. 

Finding the right agency will help your business create imagery that aligns with your brand and helps you build connections with your target audience. 

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly:

According to a recent study by Google, 72% of consumers expect brands to have mobile-friendly sites, however, 96% of websites have been reported as not working on mobile. 

Having a website that works on your phone or tablet is crucial to making sales and by having one you'll be set apart from competitors not catering to their customers and clients. 


Keep Your Website Updated:

Having great content is the main principle of having a great site and will help you convert more leads online. Having quality content will also increase your website on search ranking and will enable more visitors to discover your business, therefore we recommend keeping your site active when it comes to content.

By writing regular blogs and offering valuable content, you'll be able to reach more customers and will be able to grow your business. 

Write Content That Sells Your Brand:

Having great copy on your site will add visuals and will engage with your readers, so it's worth taking some time to consider how you want your business to come across, so you can show your services in the best possible way!

Consider how you want to engage with your customers and how you want them to respond. 

Copywriters can help you find the right content that connects with your audience so your website can drive results and help grow your business. 

Ensure There's Always A Clear User Flow:

Consider how you want your audience to engage when they visit your website and design the flow centred around that. 

A strong user flow enables web designers to tailor your site to meet the cognitive patterns of your users so they know where they will go when visiting your website.

Having a clear user flow lays out the user's movements through the product, mapping out each and every step the user might take from first visiting your site to the final interaction. 

Need any further help with your website?

We hope our guide has helped offer some insight to creating the best possible website for your brand and customers, however, if you're still looking for some guidance feel free to get in touch. We work with budgets of all sizes and are more than happy to have a no-obligation chat when deciding the best option for you.  

Oct 29