By Lottie


March 2022

Nopinz - Combining the Power of Tech & Business


We were very lucky to visit Barnstaple-based business, Nopinz who manufacture cycling kits using innovative materials as well as cutting-edge technology to produce the very best of gear for riders all over the world!

As riders themselves, the team behind Nopinz knows that speed, performance and comfort are at the heart of great kit.

The cycling range was launched after the success of the Nopinz 'Speedpocket' an idea that originated from the founder, Blake Pond-Collins, that made attaching your race number easier than using pins which damaged the kit. 

Nopinz wanted to change how suits were designed so that their services could provide individuals with a specially made kit that would fit them perfectly as well enhance their performance! The suits have been rigorously tested and have been found to be much faster aerodynamically and more intuitive than other suits designed for the average size.

Using their very own in-house 3D Body Scanner which measures the individual so a custom made kit with the right measurements is designed. The scanner is able to take 52-millimetre perfect measurements which is inputted into their very own garment software that tailors the garment for the rider!

All garments are made in house and are designed bespoke for each client through powerful tech and innovation which ensures the products are tailored with comfort specifically in mind.

We had an awesome time visiting Nopinz and learning more about the tech behind their business!

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