Website development & digital marketing

Building beautiful and scalable brands online.

We're Barr Media, a website development and digital marketing agency that specialises in bespoke web creation and innovative marketing services to help brands be at the forefront of innovation. Our services are tailored to your business so we can find a solution that works with your goals and budget in mind.

Our team has years of experience creating online presences for businesses just like yours through custom technologies and innovative strategies! We understand what makes a strong brand and use our expertise to ensure your online presence looks professional and establishes worthwhile connections.


Our services

Every business needs a great website and marketing to flourish in their industry. We understand the ambiguity that the online world presents bringing up many questions around content, audience communication and creating returns for your business. 

With that in mind, we have built a beautifully simple, step-by-step process to break down what you already have and then look at what parts need to be changed or developed to build both a social media and web presence that only wins for you.

When building any type of creative campaign or web presence, it’s essential to recognise the current digital trends as well as the future of the online landscape.

Whether that is using growth techniques to build a passionate audience, a bespoke website built for rapid scalability or an ongoing campaign strategy development to keep your customers enticed. We'll help you devise a bespoke strategy that leaves your brand on top.

Digital peace of mind

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about your online presence! We understand our clients want a turnkey solution and peace of mind that their social media and web presence are looked after. At Barr Media, we don't just help you create beautiful, effective strategies but we can also take the reins and maintain, update and manage them for you too. Giving you digital peace of mind!