Content marketing for a UK jewellery company...

Meet Philip Jones

Based in the UK, Philip Jones is a modern jewellery company offering a huge range of pieces from simplistic earrings to intricate necklaces and everything between. With a keen focus on digital marketing, social media and lifestyle they wanted to up their game with quality content marketing. They reached out to Olivia, our resident model to see if she was interested in modelling and organising for a new range of lifestyle imagery to be created for their digital presences. Olivia headed up the project and teamed up with our in-house photographers to do just that!

Intricacies of the project:

The proposed content marketing project was not a small one, with a line-up of over 600 unique pieces of jewellery each needing 3 images shot and edited, the final photo count worked out at over 1800 individual images across a multitude of locations.

Being able to organise the logistics of shooting and editing the amount of content required would be heavily dependent on project management. With that said, we settled on categorising the imagery into the type: modelled, handheld and with props. This allowed us to create a shooting schedule that made it efficient to create, edit and store the imagery in a concise way that was understandable by us and also Philip Jones.

When it comes to creating amazing content marketing, who said we didn't like a challenge?

Photography services - Modelled images:

The first set of images that needed creating with our photography services were modelled photographs. The brief was given that each shot needed to be captured in a lifestyle situation, with plenty of variation in light, location and clothing meaning we would have to travel, change and shoot on the go, no studio setup here. This worked out well as we planned several environments around Exeter, our nearest city, that provided beautiful backdrops for contemporary imagery and enough variation to meet the brief.

This photography and content marketing service consisted of 3 shooting days and 2 editing days. With which we were able to complete the first 500 modelled shots.

Photography services - Handheld images:

The next part of the photography services project was to shoot handheld images. The content marketing brief stated again, a variation of lighting, clothing and location were required, with each piece of jewellery captured in the palm of Olivia's hand.

This process of shooting was slightly quicker as we could set up different 'locations' within our studio that allowed that variation but without the travel that did take slightly more time. This meant, over the course of 2 shooting days and 2 editing days - the first 500 handheld shots were completed and distributed to Philip Jones.

Photography services - Prop images:

The final set of required images for the content marketing project where each piece of jewellery in a lifestyle 'prop' situation, hence the name!

The content marketing brief was slightly different this time and only required us to shoot a new scene every 25 images instead of every 10 we had for the previous categories. This was simply for efficiency in not needed to come up with some many unique scenes with the approved props from Philip Jones.

This photographic service was shot again in the Barr Media studio and was the simplest of the images to shoot. With no variation in light specified, we were able to mount the camera on a tripod, set up the studio lights and scene position and shoot photographs efficiently only needing to change the props used every 25 images.

Because of this, we were able to shoot everything for this category in around 1.5 days and edit, again, in 2.

The future digital marketing strategy?

Philip Jones are far from stopping having just launched another 125 pieces of jewellery on top of their already existing and beautiful range, all needing the same photography as the previous 500.

Having been commissioned to Olivia to create these, the team are off again to repeat the process!

Content marketing outcome:

Creating quality content marketing imagery for a brand is a vital component for a successful marketing campaign. Lifestyle-oriented imagery is becoming more and more necessary for a winning digital presence. In this day and age, people often buy experiences and stories, not necessarily products. If your brand can sell a lifestyle, a dream or an aspiration to someone with great content, you can really win with digital marketing.

The photos are currently on the Philip Jones Jewellery website and are being used to show how the jewellery in a different light than just against a white background in a studio.

Check them out: