Green Mode

Helping innovative brands consider how they can be more sustainable online.

Individuals and businesses alike are adopting sustainable alternatives and a more environmentally-friendly way of life to do their part for the planet.

Whilst we champion brands going digital, Website Carbon estimates that the internet uses 416.2Twh of energy a year - that's more than the entire UK! When you consider the billions of devices used, the internet uses close to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions yearly - equivalent to what the aviation industry produces! So we wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of our website wherever possible.

We launched the latest version of our website in May, and with every alteration, we like to ensure it's better than the last. So with our latest version, we thought what better way than create a more eco-digital presence that helps reduce our carbon footprint?


What is 'Green Mode?'

In short, our green mode disables some front aspects of our website that make big demands on servers and networks. It also disables other elements of the site like some of our tracking setup, which aims to reduce the intensity of power consumption needed to serve up our site and makes it even faster to load!

We've been inspired by what the team are doing over at The Organic Agency. And after learning how ungreen websites can be, we wanted to incorporate our own 'Green Mode' across our site to encourage brands to make more sustainable choices and raise awareness on how we can make digital more sustainable.

This is all to encourage reducing our carbon footprint in whatever little ways we can, so we can make a big difference! If you're looking for a small way to make your website more eco, then here are some other ideas! 

4 Ways to Make Your Website More Eco-Friendly:

Choose a Sustainable Web Host.

The first step to reducing your site's carbon footprint is to choose a green hosting company whose servers are powered by renewable energy and actively follow environmentally-conscious practices.

Choosing a web host that aligns with your sustainable goals is one of the best ways to reduce your website's impact, as where their company's energy derives from has an impact on how environmentally friendly your site will be. 

Choose an Eco-Friendly Web Design. 

The more complicated your site is, the more energy it's bound to use. Every element that makes up your page such as photos, videos, graphics and code have a significant impact on the energy your website is using. 

A few simple adjustments, such as using fewer Javascript widgets, reducing unnecessary content and ensuring your site loads faster, can make a huge difference. Furthermore, if you focus on what is necessary, you can make your site more user-friendly. 

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Improve Your Page Speed.

A slow website tends to consume lots of energy and users tend to leave slow-loading sites. Improving your website speed will not only be good for the planet and your business but will help you rank better on Google as well!

Educate Your Visitors.

Saving the planet requires a team effort, and with over seven billion of us, we can all do our bit to make significant changes if we work together. In addition to making your website more green, you can also encourage your users to make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. 

So What Next?

We want to continue to roll out changes across our website, so we can do our bit to help the planet. We’re constantly evolving our site to do whatever we can to make it greener! 

Website is a crucial aspect of business - there’s no denying that factor. So we want to do whatever we can to help brands worldwide make a conscious decision on improving their site for the planet.

If you’d like to learn more about making your website and brand make a more sustainable choice, make sure to contact us!