Digital Marketing Trends 2019

We're living in a fast-paced digital world. All the time new trends, platforms and strategies are being born right here on the internet making it more important than ever to keep up with what's going on.

Keep your business at the forefront of digital marketing with these top three trends of 2019 as we move into the second half of the year...

´╗┐1. Intelligent Chat

´╗┐Chatbots have been really growing in popularity over the last few years and in 2019, they're still far from slowing down. With applications such as Plum popping up, offering users intelligent and fully automated ways to save money right from within Facebook Messenger, this trend really is becoming something to pay attention to.

´╗┐According to Grand View Research, 45% of end-user consumers prefer to use chatbot services over other major customer service methods.

Chatbots improve customer experience ten fold, allowing marketers to better engage with their audience without having to man customer service channels 24/7. They offer in-the-moment assistance to consumers, prompting certain questions, automating processes and building rapport all whilst being integrated in a variety of the worlds most used applications, for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and on your website.

We'll leave this point with one fact - messaging traffic is expected to double by 2019, going up to 100 trillion messages sent per year globally.

´╗┐2. Content Personalisation

´╗┐As you know, every customer is different, they might all be a similar demographic and have similar interests, however, every customer responds to and wants to see different types of content when browsing online. One thing we're learning from online advertising is everyone wants to see relevancy.

It may seem tricky at times to deliver the right content to the right segment of your audience, however, with the correct strategy, it will add a huge amount of value and boost user-engagement with your brand.

In the world of e-commerce, personalising content is even more powerful than you think. In a recent statistics publication by Econsultancy, 44% of user who experience personalised shopping technology are not only more likely to buy, but also become a repeat buyer.

Although this trend is common practise among bigger brands, there are technologies and tools now widely available to the smaller players, really offering a powerful opportunity to capture their audience in time for the estimated trend worth of more than ┬ú320B by 2021.

´╗┐3. AI and Machine Learning

´╗┐With some of the biggest global brands such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft investing hugely in AI and machine learning, this trend is about to explode into the marketing world in more ways than are sometimes imagined.

AI allows marketers to essentially predict future probable patterns of their defined consumers based on previously collected big-data. Then, with this data, marketers can determine the most effective way to better engage and reach consumers through different platforms.

Several major industries such as e-commerce, food and beverages and healthcare have started using AI. For example, in the e-commerce industry, 86% of customers state that personalised content is important in helping making buying decisions easier and faster. With this, an online store would use big-data to predict their new shoppers demographics and behaviours and create a more personalised experience based upon the results.

It may seem a little in the science fiction realm for lots of smaller and medium-size businesses, however, with tool and access becoming widely accessible all the time, AI and machine learning is expected to penetrate and become more widely used in various new industries in the remainder of 2019. Industries such as banking, finance, accounting and even teaching.

The Takeaway...

´╗┐Marketers and business owners are showing more interest in taking more intelligent decision based on past data in order to give consumers a more personalised experience when exposed to their online content.

Looking into personalised content, big-data, AI and general intelligent applications could be massive for businesses of all size looking to build greater customer engagement, reach and success.


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