Meet Huers Clothing Co

´╗┐Based on the wild Cornish coast, founded in Padstow, but selling purely online, Huers Clothing Co is one of those brands you just have to love. If it's not the high-quality clothing, it's the values and culture that Huers promotes through their social media and products, inspiring you to visit and take in everything Cornwall has to offer.

Being so heavily focused around the Cornish lifestyle, imagery to match and sell this idea is essential to building a successful brand. Working directly with the team, Barr Media helps create the content that achieves this goal across the Huers Clothing Co social media profiles and since introducing better-planned strategy and high-quality imagery - the company has seen a 400% increase in sales.

Read about the intricacies of the project below: 

´╗┐Projects with Huers are always adventure-focused and we love it. If we're going to be trying to sell the Cornish lifestyle and show why the county is amazing then we have to get out there and experience it for ourselves. So, after sitting down with the team and going over their needs for content for the next few months the agenda always falls to location planning - scouring maps and social media for the most amazing and inspiring locations in Cornwall. With a list and timings, the project is on...

´╗┐Shooting throughout the day, the aim is always to capture candid, relatable content that resonates with an audience interested in Cornwall. So showing off the landscape with people, exploring, enjoying and making the most of the locations are top priority whether it's laughing with others, walking along the beach with the dog or just admiring the view - it's all actions that an audience can relate to and as result, make the Huers Clothing Co brand stronger.

At the time of writing, our latest shoot was for pre-winter, capturing content of their cold-weather products and in time for the release of the infamous Huers hats. The brief again was simply to create candid photographs mixed between general landscapes, landscapes with people, closer model images as well as close-up product shots in order to give variety to posts and their website once the content was released.

The outcome

Like we keep seeing with more and more brands, creating lifestyle-oriented imagery is becoming necessary as time goes on for a digital presence. This day and age, people buy experiences and stories, not necessarily products. If you can sell a lifestyle to someone and a key component to that lifestyle is your brand - you can really win on marketing.

The photos produced by Barr Media for Huers Clothing Co are currently live and being used on their website and social media profiles!

Check them out: