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Meet Braver than I knew

An amazing Devon-based brand aimed at helping people through their life's struggles by joining an inspiring community and offering a range of feel-good clothing! Katrina, the founder and owner, describes it better on her personal blog on the website though:

"Well, where do I start? I guess first and foremost this is a range of feel-good clothing we have designed for people who, as it turned out, were Braver than I knew. How they became aware of that will vary hugely from person to person, but everyone deserves to be able to recognise how brave they were and continue to be on a daily basis. So, the clothing we have chosen has been carefully selected to feel lovely against your skin and to be comfortable to wear. Each piece has won its place here on many merits, but at the fore-front is the way we hope it will make you feel. For instance, the Pick me up top is one of my favourites, because it has the ability to make you feel better just by putting it on. The carefully crafted blend of organic cotton and Tencel (also a natural fibre) is soft and comforting, the styling feminine and pretty. Add to that the empowering statement and I believe you’ve got a top worth getting out of bed for.

On your less than sparkling days, we hope the clothes will give you that little hug you need and on days when you feel like a warrior we hope the statement will march forward with you to conquer the world."

When Katrina got in touch and told us not only her story but the mission behind the new brand - we couldn't wait to get started! The amazing thing about Braver than I knew is that it's making an offering that is not like any other. In positioning the business as a community first and revenue stream secondly, it allows a beautiful way to connect with people with the intention of only offering value and helping them. In our opinion, Braver than I knew is a fantastic example of a modern business that isn't just driven by money but has a cause at the centre of it.

Read about the intricacies of the project below:

The brief for Barr Media's involvement was to get a web platform built and imagery created so that Braver than I knew had a central place to post written content, offer its products as well as and provide a place to find the other online presences that the brand was actively working on.

The original plan for the business was to very much focus on building a community. A collection of people that would all feel at home, be able to find comfort in other's stories as well as share their own and this would be achieved through social media and blogging.

All this had to be considered and thought about in the process of building the website.

Like many small e-commerce businesses and the need to have a functional, modern website that serves its purpose well without needing a huge budget, we opted to use Shopify. Not only does this platform make development quick by handling all of the shop, payment and inventory systems, it also is incredibly customisable and SEO focused allowing you to build a site that serves its purpose well for a small, but growing brand like Braver than I knew.

Our team worked with Katrina to pick out a baseline template and then we fully customised and hand-coded the design, changing the features and functionality to give you what we ended up with and what's live today.

Next, we focused on imagery. Shooting in our in-house studio initially to create a set of high-quality and web-optimised images that showed the products modelled. From there, we've also been in the process of photographing all of the products in lifestyle situations to really emphasise the story and purpose of the clothing to the audience. These lifestyle images are all not only used on the website but across all of the Braver than I knew social media profiles.

What's next?

Now that the website is live and all of the social media is set up, what's left is to really work at building a community. Although offering only consultation and social media support, Braver than I knew is already boasting a growing community on Facebook and Instagram with thoughts and consideration for further projects in 2020.

A big driver for the brand is to show the story to people. If you show the cause and the meaning and this is what will connect with an audience. Through visual and written content as well as engaging actively - we're confident Braver than I knew has a big future and a meaningful one in lots of peoples lives!

Check out their new website and make sure to go and show Braver than I knew some support!



"When I began Braver than I knew, I had little idea of what would be involved in launching a clothing company. Barr Media, and in particular Will Lamerton have held my hand at every step. I have asked many questions, and never once have I been made to feel foolish. They have guided me through the photography requirements, the launching of the website; for which I chose the template and they built for me and assisted me with getting the most out of social media.

I absolutely could not have done it without them, and I would happily recommend Barr Media to anyone wanting a friendly, professional service, who are with you all the way and genuinely want you to succeed."