Meet Alex

An up and coming racing driver from the South-west making his debut in British motorsport and taking a key focus on social media marketing as a way to tell his story to the world.

With Barr Media's belief and core values lying in that great content is the true driver of any digital presence, we were very excited when Alex proposed us travelling with him in his Mazda MX-5 MK1 to the wild and rural Brecon Beacons in South-Wales to capture social media content for him to spread and post over his race season...

See what we got up to below:

Travelling across some of the best areas of the Brecon Beacons, we planned a stunning route up through the park. We started off at Cheddar Gorge, taking in the immense views and scale of this ancient landmark. From here, we crossed into Wales and drove on some of the most photogenic roads in the UK, stopping to capture Alex and his car with the backdrop. We finally stopped for the night at the base of the famous Pen-y-fan.

On the second day of our shoot, we headed directly through the middle of the Brecon Beacons and then into the incredibly well hidden and remote Elan Valley. This huge stretch of empty road takes you through the heart of rural Wales and was a fantastic opportunity to capture the MX5 doing what it does best as well as Alex's passion, as roads like these are what feed his love for cars.

Read more about the purpose of this content below as well as a gallery showing off some of the imagery...

^ The route we travelled.


^ Left: The Elan Valley |     Middle: Enjoying the view |     Right: Mountain Roads |

^ Left: The Elan Valley |     Middle: Accomplishment |     Right: Racing through the NP |

^ Left: The beginning of the Elan Valley |     Middle: Cheddar Gorge |     Right: Horseshoe bend |

The purpose:

The key to content on a digital platform is variation and authenticity, the ability to tell a story and also sell your lifestyle first and foremost over any product or service. This was the approach Barr Media took with Alex, capturing him doing what he loves in motorsport across a variety of beautiful locations. This way, we were able to show a lifestyle and a story to his audience above and beyond anything else - something important if he was to grow and gain support in his racing career.

We began working with Alex when from the beginning of his journey on social media and high-quality, lifestyle-driven content has played an immense role in how we have helped him market his presence.

This idea of lifestyle and authenticity is especially true with social platforms such as Instagram, a network where authenticity and story-telling thrives. Here, we have grown Alex's account from 100 followers to almost 2,500 and an engagement rate of almost 10%. Not only that, but he has gained far more awareness and support from his audience regarding his racing career - something he aims to push harder and harder as the seasons progress.

Check-in on Alex and see how he's doing!