Beautiful New Branding for a Contemporary Property Company

Meet Black Door Stays

A new and contemporary property company offering stylish, modern serviced accommodation as well as up and coming co-living offerings to suit your needs.

In the companies own words:

"Whether you are having a weekend away, in need of somewhere to stay whilst on business, or looking for a new home in a shared house we have a range of contemporary accommodation in great locations to suit your requirements.

We want to show you that staying with us is more of an experience rather than just a 'roof over your head'. We pride ourselves in knowing the local areas and look forward to sharing with you all the best that our home from homes has to offer."

Being new to online marketing, Black Door Stays needed a fresh new look to go alongside their soon to be released online presence.

Read the intricacies of the project below:

The first part of Barr Media's involvement has been to redesign and reenvision the branding for Black Door Stays looking at what messages the company was going to promote through it.

Working with the team and learning more about the companies goals and ideas, we defined the below keywords that highlighted the key values of Black Door Stays that would always be in mind and would convey through the branding:

Modern | Unique | Flexible | Quality | Simple | Happy | Professional

With these keywords in mind and further discussions, the plan was to create branding that would catch the eye of likeminded individuals. Be fresh and innovative as well as approachable and warm. It would exude a sense of professionalism and trust to reflect the services and time commitment Black Door Stays wanted to offer. 

Below is what we came up with:

This logo cleverly and subtly emphasises the company name by turning the "L" of the word "black" into an open door.

The font is clean and minimal which works well in contrast to the organic colourful shapes of the supporting brand elements.

These brand elements can be found below:

The additional assets complement the brand and are warm, bright and modern with accompanying typography that is a mixture of decorative and simple. 


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Below are some contextual images where the branding is used:


We believe this new branding for Black Door Stays gives the direction and image that Black Door Stays deserves putting the company in the perfect position to begin building and growing their online presence.

This was stage one of our project with Black Door Stays. Now the branding has been completed, we're moving on and almost in the completion stages of furthering the companies online presence with the introduction of a brand new website.

If you would like to speak to a member of our digital marketing team at Barr Media to see how we can help you, please get in touch.