Beautiful New Branding, Social Media & Photography for a North Devon Nutrition and Fitness Coach

Update: Lisa has just launched her new fitness coaching website, please go check her out!

Meet Lisa Ward

A fully qualified nutrition and fitness coach based in North Devon. Lisa, originally working in banking, left the corporate world and is now persuing her passion for fitness and nutrition by empowering clients to live their healthiest self. Targetting women, 40+, she wants to help them get and stay fit, focused and in control, recognising that each person is unique and has their own personal aspirations and goals.

Each of her programs is personalised for each client to achieve their best. This includes building the right exercise program for their lifestyle and body; eating the right foods to stay healthy and full of energy and best of all, being the happiest they can be.

Barr Media has had the amazing pleasure of working with Lisa from the very start as she builds a new brand, presence and business. Having just completed her branding and social media, we're excited to move forward with Lisa into her next chapters.

Read the intricacies of the project below:

The first part of Barr Media's involvement has been to design and envision the branding for Lisa Ward looking at what messages she wanted to promote to potential clients.

Working with her and learning more about Lisa's goals and ideas, we defined the below keywords that highlighted the key values of her business that would always be in mind and would convey through the branding:

Motivational | Collaborative | Inspirational | Knowledgeable | Supportive | Honest | Friendly | Professional

With these keywords in mind and further discussions, the plan was to create branding that would catch the eye of likeminded individuals. Be fresh and innovative as well as approachable and warm. It would exude a sense of professionalism and trust to reflect the services and time commitment Lisa wanted to offer.

Below is what we came up with:


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Social Media & Photography

The next part of the project was to begin looking at how Lisa appeared on social media, we wanted to create a strong and professional look on both Facebook and Instagram that she could begin to build an audience off of, bringing value and directly communicating with potential clients.

For this, strong imagery and design would be necessary to give the sense of quality that Lisa wants to offer.

Below are a few of the images and designs we came up with, even meeting Lisa and witnessing a fantastic training session in the park!

The Future

We're continuing to work with Lisa closely as she builds her business! With a new website in the pipeline and paid Facebook marketing, we're very excited to see where she goes - check back for updates!

Check out Lisa Ward: