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5 Apps You Should Be Using For Your Business

Oct 01

Here at Barr Media, it's important more than ever to be efficient and best utilise the resources we have. Luckily we have plenty of apps that help us through the day-to-day and we've listed some examples below that we recommend to best help run your business. 

Sprout Social:

Makes social media so much simpler.

Sprout Social has been our lifesaver and little superhero when it comes to software. 

In the past, our social media has sometimes slipped our minds. It’s easily done especially when times get busy, but Sprout Social has made our social post schedule so much smoother! Now we can allocate time each month to planning and scheduling out content for the upcoming months. 

Sprout Social can be used on your computer or phone and has been designed to manage your social media platforms all in one place! From Instagram to Linkedin, social media has helped us run each of our platforms much smoother so we can update our audience on all of the goings-on from each platform! 

An important note to mention is that it is a paid application but there are different paid plans to better suit your business, but with its easy-to-use schedule and analytics to help better understand your campaigns better we really can’t praise it enough! 


To help boost productivity.

This is another app we really love and what’s great is that it is also free to use! (there are some paid features depending on your business size!). Toggl offers many different products that can help you and your business with productivity and if you’re in need of help to keep track of where your time goes on projects, to plan them out or hire people - there’s a Toggl tool just for you! 

Toggl is an app that we use daily in the office to keep track of where our time is going as well as helping to schedule out client work so we can meet those upcoming deadlines. Overall it has helped us to speed up our workflow and help us plan out more complex projects. It’s proving more and more useful and we haven’t looked back. 


Perfect for office calls and meetings.

Noor has been the latest addition to the office but has also been a welcomed one making it simpler than ever to reach our team and speak with them as if they’re right next to us. By offering Drop-in audio and video chats for teams, we can have meetings and get queries answered instantly taking out links, invites and long delays from virtual meetings and emails.  

Noor has meant we can jump straight into a chat and easily mute our microphones when we’re finished allowing us to get answers and instantly jump straight back into our work. We can also set up rooms for certain topics where others can easily join or simply enter a room with the mic off. Noor’s great quality makes it even smoother when chatting with the team and to top it all off, it’s free too! 



Gain more traffic and potential clients for your business.

SEMrush is possibly one of the most powerful tools on the market when it comes to Content Marketing and reaching more potential clients. It is a tool trusted by internet marketers all over the world and used by businesses of all sizes with a massive database of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords.

Just some of the many things it can help with include:

- Identify keywords used by your competitors that gain them more traffic. 

- Finding better advertising opportunities. 

- Help identify new keyword opportunities for your blogs. 

- Track your past and current rankings.

- Perform backlink analysis.

We believe it's a great way to get ahead in the search results and provides an all-in-one tool for improving your business online visibility and discovering marketing insights that help with SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, PR and Content Marketing.


An all-in-one workplace.

The great thing about Notion is that it does a little bit of everything (and it’s free too!). Notion is a tool that blends all of your everyday work apps into one place so you can create notes, boards and calendars which your team can also access and update so you know exactly where you and your business are helping you stay organised. 

We would recommend trying it for your business and seeing where it can help you. For us, Notion has been so helpful over the last couple of years as our team has expanded, but it’s also great for individuals wanting to plan, take notes and more!

Oct 01