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By Lottie


September 2023

Gizmo: Revolutionising Learning with AI-Driven Quizzes and a $3.5M Seed Funding


Today, Gizmo, a cutting-edge generative AI learning platform, has successfully raised $3.5 million in seed funding from reputable investors NFX, Ada Ventures, and Capital T. The startup intends to channel these funds into global expansion, engineer recruitment, and launching innovative features.

What sets Gizmo apart? It's their unique approach of converting user-provided class notes into interactive quizzes. Users can effortlessly upload content from diverse sources like PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, or even YouTube videos. Additionally, integration with other popular flashcard tools, such as Quizlet and Anki, is seamlessly available.

For those in a rush, Gizmo's AI can craft an entire deck of notecards on any given topic. This becomes a boon for classmates aiming to study collaboratively or educators devising decks for students. Moreover, a thriving marketplace exists where users can publicly share their created flashcards.

The real magic begins once a deck is formulated. Gizmo leverages scientifically-proven learning techniques like active recall and spaced repetition to produce multiple-choice quizzes, ensuring a robust and efficient learning experience.

Gizmo's CEO, Petros Christodoulou, passionately remarked, "Memory is the cornerstone of learning. Yet, we tend to forget 90% of what we absorb. With generative AI, we're pioneering novel methods to make learning both delightful and memorable. This vision drove us to establish Gizmo."

Drawing inspiration from language apps like Duolingo, Gizmo has integrated a 'daily streak' feature. Users are encouraged to answer specific questions daily to maintain their streaks, thereby fostering consistent engagement. A competitive edge is added with a leaderboard that displays quiz scores and rankings among friends.

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Christodoulou, an ex-machine learning researcher from Amazon, shared, "Some of our users have astonishingly maintained 365+ day streaks." On the fun side, users receive 15 lives daily, losing one for every incorrect quiz answer. Once depleted, a short wait or a subscription fee offers a refill. This subscription, priced at $8.80 monthly or $52.80 annually, grants unlimited AI-curated quizzes and other perks.

Gizmo, founded by three talented Cambridge University alumni - Christodoulou, Paul Evangelou, and Robin Jack - has exciting plans. Over the upcoming quarter, features like direct note-taking, collaborative studying, and AI interaction are on the horizon.

With its engaging, gamified approach, Gizmo aims to become as captivating as TikTok. The platform, currently boasting over 300,000 users and a staggering 50% monthly growth rate, is accessible via web browsers, iOS, and Android devices. The best part? Most of this growth is attributed to organic word-of-mouth recommendations.

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