By Lottie

How Can AI Help My Business?


A few weeks ago, Will attended the North Devon Business Network to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to help processes become more efficient for businesses. 

When considering AI, people may think of androids and attempting to make machines have consciousness, although that research is happening AI is a huge umbrella of technical solutions to a vast array of problems.

Artificial intelligence encourages computers to mimic human function, with the advantage of having power and speed, to form abstractions, and concepts and solve problems once believed could only be answered by humans.

As a creative tech agency, we’re very excited about AI’s incredible potential in just about all industries imaginable. AI allows us to find trends, analyse data and make business processes more straightforward, cheaper and all-around more efficient.

Once you dive into AI, you'll begin to understand and see what a huge impact it's capable of having on how we live our lives, operate our businesses and interact with the world.

What AI can do is a massive topic so for this article we'll focus specifically on how AI can help your business and marketing.

Improved experiences

A major way that artificial intelligence can transform businesses is through creating greater experiences for their customers, not just providing a great looking website, but one that works intelligently as well. 

AI allows a computer to understand the needs and behaviours of your consumers to a level not seen before meaning that instead of guessing what a consumer wants to see, the AI understands and allows us to change what a user sees on a website based on this.

The more knowledge you have, the better your marketing strategy can be tailored to suit your business goals and AI is going to be a massive part of intelligence gathering.

Optimising business operations.

With tools that are powered by machine learning and AI becoming more and more readily available, your business can improve its internal operations in ways that weren't even imaginable even a few years ago.

Imagine a world where your team schedules are automatically formated and optimised to the degree of accuracy you would expect from a human.

Imagine being able to forecast your accounts not only based on your business's past performance but the performance of every business that's similar to yours. Imagine then being able to mix in forecasting based on current affairs around the world, where your predicted numbers are impacted by news, trends and more.

These two things are just the tip of the iceberg for how AI is improving business operations.

Improving online marketing

As well as improving your business's internal operations, AI has the potential to bring a whole new dimension to your marketing efforts. From dynamic personalised content and automatic improvement of adverts to full-on just creating content for social media, we're seeing AI being able to carry out marketing activities in software that was once only something that could have been done by a human.

By embracing and imagining how AI can become a core part of your digital strategy, your business can increase sales, reduce costs and successfully grow online. 

We’re very excited about AI’s incredible potential in just about all industries imaginable.

SEO, content writing & social media

If you've delved into the world of blog writing or creating meaningful content, you know how challenging and how much of a full-time job it can be with lots of technical know-how and using the right call-to-actions to direct your customers not to mention all the constant algorithms to get your head around. 

But there are now AI software to help with content that successfully conveys the right tone and message helping you tackle the workload. From constructing SEO optimised blogs and web pages to generating ideas that are more likely to perform, AI assistants are savings so much time for the average business.

Making changes for the better

AI and the research around it are going to change the world. It's fascinating to be in the space and recognise the potential problems it can solve as well as the new ethical issues it presents.

There are tools and software out there powered by AI that are helping businesses and people be more efficient today, but if you take anything away from this blog it's to try and see where this technology is going in the future.

As a business owner, putting that time aside to evaluate the changing technology landscape and finding applications within your business for what's being developed is not only interesting, but if you look to "flesh out" those applications – you'll be giving your business the opportunity to be market-leading in what it's doing.

If you couldn't tell, we find AI fascinating and would love to write more about its pros and cons. If you found this blog interesting, please share it and if you have an idea about how AI can help your business, get in touch, we'd love to chat!