Artificial Intelligence


By Lottie


October 2023

How Plenful is Revolutionising the Healthcare Industry with AI


Plenful, led by the esteemed Bessemer Venture Partners, has secured an impressive £7.3M in its latest funding round. CEO and Co-founder, Joy Liu, envisions this boost as a catalyst to enhance their platform, fortify team growth, and widen their clientele, which already includes 20 renowned healthcare organisations.

Liu pinpointed a major industry challenge: "Pharmacy is grappling with technician burnout and massive workloads, resulting in alarming attrition rates." Plenful, she believes, is the game-changer, automating tasks to empower healthcare professionals to focus on specialised activities.

Holon Solutions' survey backs her observations, revealing that 77% of healthcare professionals face burnout, with 72% keen on tech interventions to streamline administrative tasks.

Liu emphasises the need for a versatile solution that integrates with various data sources and offers organisational customisation. Plenful, she believes, is that solution.

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With its innovative approach, Plenful promises to redefine healthcare operations. Its platform works in tandem with existing health data systems, optimising manual processes and ensuring precision. Liu proudly notes, "Our platform is a beacon for pharmacy technicians, helping declutter, ensure compliance and combat burnout."

Unlike other alternatives on the market, Plenful stands distinct, thanks to its user-friendly design and seamless IT integration.

Plenful was started amidst the challenges of COVID-19 and propelled by the surge in AI advancements, Plenful stands on the brink of exponential growth, primed to enhance its global influence.

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