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By Lottie


October 2023

Meet Every the AI-Driven Self-Reflection & Social Connection App


Ben McKean, celebrated founder of Hungryroot, has ventured beyond health food delivery to bring AI into personal growth. Introducing the 'Every' app, a breakthrough AI-driven platform designed to nurture self-awareness and foster genuine human connections.

An offshoot of Hungryroot's AI capabilities, Every’s iOS platform employs cutting-edge AI to design immersive “games” that journey into self-awareness. Starting with the “Inner Odyssey” game, users choose a symbolic image representing a desired exploration, followed by a series of introspective questions.

What sets Every apart is the communal experience. After diving deep into self-reflection, users can view how peers answered identical questions. This feature showcases commonalities, sparking potential conversations and deepening relationships. The app's inspiration was drawn from the isolation many felt during the pandemic, emphasising the importance of human connection.

Highlighting alarming statistics, McKean points out that 58% of Americans feel unrecognised by close acquaintances. An astonishing 70% believe societal distrust is damaging American culture. These figures mirror the overarching issue of modern-day disconnectedness.

McKean isn't just solving societal problems; he's also addressing personal challenges. As an entrepreneur, he acknowledges the barriers to establishing genuine work connections. Every could potentially evolve into a tool fostering workplace camaraderie, albeit with modified, less personal queries.

Every's creation was fueled by AI, tapping into technology from giants like OpenAI and Midjourney. This process not only provided a platform for meaningful interaction but also bolstered McKean's expertise in AI. Every's in-app games stem from specific topics or influencers, setting the stage for the AI's generative capabilities. In collaboration with figures like Hector Guadalupe of A Second U Foundation, Every aims to introduce a fresh game daily. Themes vary from career-focused Mondays to spiritually-driven Sundays, even touching on timely events like upcoming elections.

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But Every offers more than just games. After gameplay, users can delve into curated content tailored to their responses. The “Map” tab provides an AI-crafted trait map based on accumulated points, giving insights into personal characteristics. This not only aids in personal growth but showcases shared interests with fellow users.

McKean envisions Every as more than a game. He sees it as a bridge connecting diverse individuals through shared experiences and beliefs. Powered by a dedicated team including Sarah McKean and Maya Valliath, Every operates as a free app, for now—however, McKean hints at scaling if its popularity soars.

Every, which began its beta phase in March, is now available on the App Store, offering a comprehensive, ad-free experience to users eager to connect and reflect.

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