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Lynton And Lynmouth Cliff Railway

Jul 08

Social media has seen recent growth with the amount of small businesses using it to promote their products and services in order to reach a new audience. 

Social media has seen recent growth with the number of small businesses using it to promote their products and services to reach a new audience.

One example of how businesses are using social media to scale their business is with the approach of micro-influencing, a form of social media advertising that's becoming more and more popular to show off businesses. Micro-influencing works as inviting a group of smaller influencers, each with their voices on social media, to promote their experiences online for their audience to engage with.

The Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway has also begun taking their approach within social media marketing using influencers to create social content to promote their business.


From opening in 1890, the railway provides stunning coastal views as you venture down and is known to be one the highest and steepest water-powered railways in the world! With the summertime arriving, they wanted a way to advertise their railway to a greater audience. This lead to them approaching our in house influencers to take a trip on their railway with the task of capturing some striking content.

Our influencers have been increasingly busy throughout the year promoting local businesses. So it was a pleasure to promote the Cliff Railway's services as well as the surrounding area, which is full of independent shops and eateries that would appeal to their audience and build engagement.

Micro-influencers are now opted for over large-scale influencers more and more, due to their authentic approach of engaging and sharing content with their followers. This can eventually lead to greater sales and bigger brand awareness than campaigns with larger influencers.


If you're ever in the area, make sure to take your very own trip abroad on the Cliff Railway or if your business requires a campaign management or high-quality influencers to help with your marketing, get in touch!

Barr Media has worked on both management of influencer campaigns as well as providing influencers to promote brand campaigns that are not only successful, but speaks to your audience.

Jul 08