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Photography Services in Bideford

Creating imagery that excels at its purpose is a core root of where we came from as a business. We have a wealth of knowledge that aims to create imagery that not only lives and breathes what your brand is about but stands out in a content-driven world.

With our team having had the pleasure of creating compelling imagery for some of the worlds leading brands across 13 industries, we understand what it takes to make your business stand out.

Learn below how we can help with content marketing for your business.

Studio Photography in Bideford

With a ready-made studio set up within the Barr Media offices, we can create all of your product, portrait and lifestyle studio imagery right in-house. With a choice of backdrop, lighting, model involvement as well as the ability to use a green screen, you're in safe hands with our team creating the ideal studio photography for your business in Bideford.

Studio Imagery
Outdoor Lifestyle Imagery

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography in Bideford

Need help capturing your product outdoors? Let us help you show off your brand with gorgeous imagery that inspires your customers showing the lifestyle behind your brand. 

With such a content-driven world, this style of photography is perfect to be used on social media, blogs or to accompany studio photography on your website.

Indoor Lifestyle Photography in Bideford

Is your product or business more for indoors? We can still help with setup or candid indoor photography to better convey your brand's message and lifestyle.

Like our other photography services, the style of imagery captured here is ideal for all areas of digital marketing, from websites to social media.

Indoor Lifestyle Imagery

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Optimised For Purpose

We want to make sure your images are not only beautiful but win at their purpose. With photography being used everywhere within your business, from your website and social media to your blogs and even printed campaigns - making sure a photograph drives leads, creates brand awareness or makes sales is just as important as making the image high-quality.

Barr Media uses its expertise in digital marketing to help mould and recommend the style and type of photography we end up creating so that images help deliver the results they're intended for.

Image Editing Experts in Bideford

Our photographers and content creators are experts at what they do. With fluency in modern digital imaging practises, we can help you create a photograph with the right style and right tone for your brand - let us help you take your photography to the next level with professional image editing.

All Under One Roof

All Under One Roof

The power of a digital marketing agency is that photography doesn't have to be where we finish helping your business. Whether you need a full turn-key solution or just a little extra support within your business, Barr Media can help optimise your photography with other digital marketing strategies all under one roof - no one likes a logistical nightmare after all...

Digital Peace of Mind

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about photography issues! We understand our clients want a turnkey solution and peace of mind that their photography needs are looked after. At Barr Media, we don't just help you create beautiful, effective imagery but we can also take the reins and distribute, use and create marketing campaigns with this content. Giving you digital peace of mind!