Software development

Do you want to increase your companies productivity, efficiency and profits?

We develop bespoke software solutions for businesses that want to be at the forefront of innovation.

Businesses are pushing the boundaries in building efficient and innovative software. Pre-made solutions have their place, however, many fast-growing businesses are coming to the realisation that their needs are more complex with expanding teams, customers that are more connected and complicated systems.

At Barr Media, we have an experienced tech and design team that take great concepts and transform them into functional and cross-platform software solutions for your business.

Great bespoke software takes time and love to build. We have a robust process to ensure your software is well planned, beautifully designed and built to last.

Even after launch, we're here for you. Our team can offer ongoing support and services to ensure your business pursues its fast-growing trajectory.


Our process


Once we've had an initial conversation about you and your business goals, we can begin the design phases of the process by creating high-level flow maps of the interface and developing wireframes for greater detail before working on the full designs to give you a realistic and life-like impression of your finished software. 


Once all the planning and designs have been completed we'll move on to the development phase, where our tech team will build out your software solution in its entirety. 


Testing is a vital aspect of any production of software. We have a rigorous and robust testing process to ensure your software works as intended all of the time from now and in future updates. 


Over the final stage, you'll be able to review the output from our development cycle and offer any feedback and thoughts on the software. Here we can repeat the process and make any necessary amends and updates. Once completed, we'll be able to launch your software, whether that's across your team or for your consumers, we know how to launch software with great results. We can also help your software in the digital marketing space to drive growth.