Website design

It takes about 0.05 milliseconds for users to determine whether they'll stay or leave a site. Does your website fit these criteria?

We're Barr Media, a web design agency in the UK that specialises in bespoke website design for awesome brands who love what they do. 

We design website solutions tailored to your business to create the home of your digital presence with your goals in mind. We can help you create a website that meets your business's requirements and that your customers will love. 

Our speciality is bespoke website design packages including website development, e-commerce, as well as web-hosting for business.


Our website design services

Just like a real store, it's vital to build a website that makes your customers feel like they're welcome to stop by and make a purchase. We understand this is achieved through thoughtful design and great performance.

Our website design packages cover all the necessary work needed for your website, whether you're looking for improvements or a completely bespoke build. Our website designers will work with you to create something you love.

As a website design agency, we believe the best sites are the ones that are regularly updated, so we'll use the latest coding standards to ensure performance, accessibility and reliability for your site.

We understand website design strategies and models and will work with you to create a website that meets your e-commerce specifications with a great focus on e-commerce website UI design.

Every web project is different. We don't use pre-packaged solutions like WordPress, but instead, bespoke web design solutions built with our bespoke content management system that allows you to edit content, track your site's performance and enhance your website SEO.