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Over the years, our team has had the pleasure of working, collaborating and helping some of the most amazing brands with many important areas:

  • content creation
  • branding
  • strategy
  • knowledge sharing
  • web development
  • or something else...

Barr Media offers a wealth of experience across over 13 different industries carrying out a variety of different projects.

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Our Clients

There's more than just brand logos below for you - read how we've enjoyed worked together on big projects 🤝

Apple: Working with the 'Today at Apple' team, we gave a talk to and led an audience on a Christmas photo walk around Regent Street, London.

VOXI: Our in-house influencers created content and carried out a digital marketing campaign focused around the beach clean-up events hosted at the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall. Over the event, we generated over 40,000 impressions for their campaign.

Hubinto: We're building a next-gen web platform to view property, market data and insights for both the consumer and the professionals that work in the industry.

Tobooka: During a major rebrand for the startup, we created website content for their North Devon experiences showing off a more lifestyle-driven approach to their marketing.

Plymouth Citycoach: Part of the international Go-Ahead group, Barr Media led the company into a new phase of marketing, strategising and carrying out the first steps to creating a comprehensive and lifestyle-driven social media presence. After just 2-months we were reaching 72,000 people per month.

Airbnb: We currently organise and run regular photo walks on Dartmoor National Park via Airbnb's 'Experiences' platform by taking participants onto the park and teaching them photography and the importance of social media in the industry today.

Black Door Stays: Offering serviced accommodation and co-living properties, we helped Black Door create their new online identity. Handling all of the branding and web design/development. We created a fully bespoke online platform to take property bookings, allowing it to plug into their existing systems.

Ultimate Adventure Centre: Given the responsibility of all managing all public-facing marketing activities, Barr Media has been providing support with website development and optimisation, social media, graphic design, print design and more.

Huers Clothing Co: We are the official content creators for the company, producing regular lifestyle imagery for the social media and website. The brand has reported a 400% increase in sales since investing in high-quality imagery.

Braver than I knew: A new startup aimed at helping to build a community around people that have been or are going through struggles. We built their website, aided in their initial social media setup and took all of the imagery, studio and lifestyle.

The Peoples Poncho: On a monthly basis, we created high-quality, lifestyle-driven imagery to help build their social media community. During working with them, although not getting involved with the growth strategy, we saw over 10,000 followers join their Instagram community.

Trespass: We worked with Trespass to create lifestyle imagery for what was their Winter range in 2017.

Griffin Studio: Working to help build their social media community, we gave consultancy and built their following by over 2000 followers across 2-months and increased their audience engagement rate ready for further strategy.

Gandys London: Creating beautiful and effective social media imagery, we helped Gandys London generate reach by commissioning our in-house influencers to share the content they captured and promote the brand.

Philip Jones Jewellery: We produced over 1,500 product images for the brand ranging from studio driven to modelled lifestyle shots. These photographs were exclusively for their online store.

Anchor & Crew: A written and photographic campaign showing life as the 'modern journeyman'. The Barr Media team were commissioned to travel to both Cornwall and the West Coast of Scotland to capture imagery of the locations and the brand's products before creating 2 written pieces about the journey to inspire others. These pieces were published on the Anchor & Crew website and the images published on their social media creating a full campaign.

Monaco Regatta: The Barr Media team was brought on board to fully manage the companies social media, this included Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We did everything from capture the imagery, to content writing and scheduling. We started managing their Instagram on 80 followers and when we finished, the account was on 14,500 followers.

Earth Pak: We created lifestyle outdoor imagery for what was their 2018 spring range.

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National Crime Agency: We were commissioned to send our in-house influencers to help contribute to the NCA's 2018 campaign raising awareness on modern slavery. Our small contribution to what was a large national campaign generated over 15,000 impressions to audiences.

Barr Financial: We provide the company with on-going SEO services as well as website development and support. Since beginning our services, we've managed to place the firm among the top-ranking websites for their selected keywords.

Evie Kay Skincare: Local to us, we helped this handmade soap company create a brand new online shop that sold the beauty of North Devon and the story behind Evie Kay as well as their products. Alongside this new website, we photographed all of their soaps in our studio to help create the highest quality experience for their customers as well as offer consultancy on further strategies and social media development.

Ubersonic Club: The Barr Media team was brought on board to fully manage the companies social media, this included Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We did everything from capture the imagery, to content writing and scheduling.

Kai Craig: A long term client, Kai is an extremely talented and recognised jazz drummer, composer and artist. Having worked with him throughout his career, Barr Media has been responsible for creating all of Kai's imagery used throughout his social media presences, print and other digital spaces.