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...Each and every one of them has been an amazing support and has helped me in so many ways they will never know how much...

JAN 21


Lisa Ward has been with us for a while now and we asked her for an honest reference. Lisa was very kind and sent us this very generous testimonial! We can't thank her enough and we're grateful to be working with such a sweet and frankly perfect client! Anyway, here's her full testimonial, thank-you Lisa!

To check her out and learn more about her mission, please give Lisa Ward's website a visit here.

Complete Testimonial

"I have been working with the Barr Media team for almost a year now and since the early conception of my nutrition, weight management & fitness business, following major issues with another provider I was using at the time.

I started initially working with Tab, who is the design queen and she just got it & me from the get-go!

She took the time to first understand me, what my business was all about and the types of client I was looking to attract & help.

Working with me through each stage she came up with an amazing design and brand which I absolutely love and reflects & me & my brand perfectly.

The next stage was for me to create my social media pages and that's where I was introduced to Will. I have been working with Will on a number of various projects which started with the development of my social media using a series of amazing images that he, as an experienced, very talented photographer took for me. I now have a bank of amazing photos to use as part of my social media strategy.

We have also worked together on developing my knowledge on social media platforms, where he has shown me & helped me to create a fast-growing community of followers. More recently, we have been working on a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook which he is monitoring closely, providing timely feedback and making amends where necessary.

Once social media was up and running, I was then introduced to Matt who by working with Tab, designed an amazing website, which I am very proud of.

Matt took the time to understand what I needed and took all the fear away from me in terms of me managing & updating the website going forward.

The whole team are amazing and work together with a very "joined-up" approach to deliver for their clients.

Each and every one of them has been an amazing support, and have helped in me so many ways they will never know how much. They are always on hand to answer any questions, bounce ideas off & full of inspiration and ideas.

I can't thank them enough for helping and supporting me with creating Lisa Ward Nutrition & Fitness Coach. It's very much a partnership & team relationship we have and I'd recommend them every time.

Thank you for everything you have done for me & continue to do for me, it is appreciated."